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My Bio

I am a freelance journalist living in London. Between 2000 and 2005 I was the Chief Reporter of the Daily Express. For the following three years I worked as the Investigations Editor of the Mail on Sunday, when I finished runner up in the Journalist of the Year category at the British Press Awards. Since then I have worked as a Producer at Channel 4 Dispatches, and as a Psychotherapist in Private Practice. ‘The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, “Soften the orange a bit on the right-hand corner.” I don’t try to control a sunset.’ Carl Rogers, Author of Becoming a Person.

I produced two television programmes for Channel 4 Dispatches. The first, “How To Stop Your Nuisance Calls” drew more than two million viewers – the highest recorded Dispatches audience of that year. The second “Murder in the Sky – Flight MH17” involved the fatal crash of the civilian flight MH17 while flying over war-torn eastern Ukraine and drew widespread praise.

I then left Dispatches to work as a freelance television producer and researcher for the likes of the BBC, Sky, and the Discovery Channel.

I worked as the Investigations Editor of the MOS for three years, between 2005 and 2008. This was a very successful tenure in which I was repeatedly shortlisted for Reporter of the Year, and in 2008 finished as a Runner Up.


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